Century Lodging

Our Difference

Our Difference

There are three main factors that make Century Lodging different and better than our competitors: the quality of our food, the cleanliness of our facilities; and our superior level of hospitality.

Delicious, Nutritious Food

Our food is a cut above because we buy only the highest quality ingredients, which our talented chef uses to create tasty, enjoyable meals three times a day. No cheap cuts of meat or off-brand food products here - we always bring you the best.

Clean, Comfortable Rooms

Unlike our competitors, our housekeepers clean every room, every day (dusting, vacuuming, bathroom clean-up, beds made daily). This way, guests never come home to a dirty or disheveled room. We also make sure to keep the rest of the lodge spotless day in and day out.

Superior Hospitality

We're focused on friendly, personalized service and a true spirit of hospitality. As a boutique business, Century Lodging is our company's only facility - so we're focused on making everything the best right here (unlike others who have a chain of facilities with less personalized service).

Century Lodging also has other features that most of our competitors do not - including larger rooms, private lounges with kitchenette in each building, and conference rooms. When you add it all up, it's plain to see that Century Lodging is clearly different and better.