Century Lodging

Safe & Comfortable Living

About Our Property

Built in 2019, Century Lodging is located on 10 acres in Orla, Texas and is ideally situated to serve the Delaware Basin. All buildings on the property are new or completely remodeled, and were designed to be welcoming in appearance as well as functional. In fact, our lodge was created to reflect the feel and atmosphere of a ranch. For example, the property is surrounded by solid wood fencing (rather than the razor-wire topped chain link you'll find at many "man-camp" facilities).

Century Lodging also features an independent water system. This ensures that our guests and facility always have water (unlike many of our competitors, who have been known to run out of water when delivery trucks are late).

Featuring gated access, ample parking and plenty of exterior lighting, Century Lodging is committed to providing a safe and secure "home away from home" for our guests.

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